What is "Dayo" ?

I moved to the UAE after deciding that I’d peaked in Jordan and had no room left to grow, after all, moving around is in my blood, I’m a nomad. I come from Palestine, a country I cannot go back to, I grew up in Saudi Arabia, a country that until just recently couldn’t visit without a work visa and I studied in the UK which wouldn’t allow me to stay without a job. I feel at home with no home, as long as I’m surrounded by family, friends and my favourite things I feel settled. I wear my Palestinian nationality with pride and I try to celebrate my Arabic heritage through my art. I used to be ashamed of my heritage, but I later realized it was what made me unique and in fact has been the key to my success. We always aspired to be like the West and I think its about time the West aspired to be like us.

Rami Afifi - Artist


Being Dayo has made a nomad out of me. I’ve come to be addicted to moving on a whim, following a deep intuition I can’t explain to you but when I feel it its time to go. its both dazzling and dizzying.

In that sense, it is gratifying to trust this guidance born out of an alignment that leads you to the next stage of your evolution. on the other side of the coin, its strange because the very things you’re leaving - fixed smells, sounds, people - that you’re trading for the freedom of the open road, you’re unconsciously trying to find?

I guess I try to see the emptiness opened before me as space; for home to be wherever I find myself in a given moment. And all I can say is In all the dance your heart is breaking, in all the dance there is joy

Mayas Ayyash مَيَسْ